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Our hospital

About our  hospital

Our hospital is a private hospital in Gazikent region, Gaziantep, with a total closed area of 62,000 m2, including 42,000 m2 hospital building and 20,000 m2 social facility, and a total bed capacity of 500.  The hospital is the largest private hospital in Southeastern Anatolia in terms of its architectural structuring and service production capacity and has started accepting patients on February 1, 2021

Modern equipment

You are in the safe hands of our experts who only work with the most modern  equipment.

In the radiology department, there is an advanced MRI (magnetic resonance) device with a large gantry that allows taking high-weight patients, as well as a CT (computed tomography) device that can perform advanced cardiological examinations, an advanced Mammography device that plays an important role in the early diagnosis of breast cancer and found in a number of hospitals in our country, two x-ray (x-ray) devices, one of which allows scoliosis x-ray, two c-arm x-rays (c-arm x-rays) used in brain and orthopedic surgeries device, and many USG devices including advanced 4D ultrasonography devices used in the follow-up of problematic pregnancy.

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Your room

When we’re hospitalized     we feel    vulnerable. It’s especially important to feel in control of our surroundings, privacy, room temperature, lighting, window blinds and having our things within reach. 

Our hospital rooms are designed to make you feel utmost safe and comfortable.

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